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Westpoint Investment Trust

The Westpoint Investment Trust is a Canadian-based lending and real estate company that is funded by investors. Its structure resembles that of a mutual fund in the sense that investors pool their money by purchasing units in the Trust. The primary difference is that, while typical mutual funds invest in stocks, bonds and other types of securities, the Westpoint Investment Trust specializes in mortgage and real estate investments.

Steps to invest in the Westpoint Investment Trust

The Westpoint Investment Trust is currently closed to new investors.
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HowtoinvestSyndicated Mortgage Investments

Mortgage Syndication occurs where one or more investors lend money in the form of a single mortgage.  Investors themselves have the ability to select which mortgage(s) they would like to invest in. Syndicated investments are designed for investors who have experience with real estate investments.

When investing in a syndicated mortgage through Westpoint Capital, management of the mortgage origination, funding, payouts, and delinquency (if applicable) are all handled by Westpoint on behalf of the investors.  Westpoint Capital will be registered on the land title documentation of the property and the syndicated investors are secured through a syndication (Trust) agreement with Westpoint.

Each syndicated mortgage has a designated rate of return that the investor is expected to earn from that mortgage.  This specific rate will vary from mortgage to mortgage depending on the loan to value, mortgage position, location, term, and exit strategy.  Although all syndicated mortgages have an expected maturity date, at times syndicated mortgages require more or less time than the anticipated term to payout the mortgage and therefore syndicated investors should be flexible with respect to payout time.

Steps to invest in a syndicated mortgage

  • Contact us to view mortgage syndication opportunities
  • Select a mortgage that you may be interested in investing in, review the details of the mortgage, and determine whether the opportunity is right for you
  • Inform us of the amount you would like to invest
  • Complete Know Your Client (KYC) and the Disclosure / Privacy forms with one of our licensed Dealing Representatives. The Dealing Representative will be required to assess your suitability for the investment
  • If suitable, complete the Syndication Agreement which will outline the terms and conditions of the investment
  • Transfer your investment capital to our Trust account
  • Once complete, you will receive a confirmation of the transaction and quarterly statements thereafter
  • Your principal and interest are paid to you once the mortgage has been repaid by the borrower