Mobile Home Bridge

Purchasing a manufactured home... but need financing prior to delivery?


Bridges the gap between the Manufacturer that wants to be paid before the home leaves the factory, and the Bank that will only fund once the home is delivered to the land and hooked up to services.




The Dilemma

  • Mrs. Grey wanted to purchase a modular/manufactured home for a parcel of land she owned
  • The modular/manufactured home builder required payment of the home before they would deliver it to the land but she did not have the funds to pay upfront
  • Her bank would only finance the property once the modular/manufactured home was on the land and hooked up to the water/electrical/gas services

Westpoint’s Solution

  • Westpoint Capital registered a mortgage on the property and provided financing to pay the modular/manufactured home builder before it was delivered it to the land, as the home builder required
  • Once the home was hooked up to the services, the bank completed their inspection and funded the mortgage to pay out the Westpoint Capital mortgage


  • Mrs. Grey was able to avoid having to come up with the funds herself to pay the home builder upfront
  • Westpoint is one of the only lenders providing this type of bridge financing on modular/manufactured homes


  • No payments for up to 3 months
  • No early payout penalties
  • Can also nance foundation


Did you know many financial institutions will only fund the mortgage once the home is delivered and services are in place?