Get Cash While You Sell Your House

Do you need cash now while you sell your house? 

There are many reasons why you may need cash now before your house sells. We understand this can be frustrating and stressful. We can help make your house sale and new puchase less stressful with some extra cash in hand to do what you need. 

We provides funds to borrowers who want to access equity in their property while waiting for the property to be sold.

Example #1

The Dilemma

Mrs. Black had her current home listed for sale and was looking to purchase a new one. The home she wanted to purchase was selling at an attractive price and so she needed to make an offer on the new home quickly and include a good sized deposit to ensure her offer would be accepted

Mrs. Black did not have cash on hand for the deposit but even though her current home had a mortgage already, she still had sufficient equity in it to borrow against to obtain the cash. Her bank was willing to provide her a loan with the equity in her current home but it was going to take the bank 2 weeks to complete the financing.

She required the funds within 3 days and didn’t have time to wait for the bank.

Westpoint’s Solution

  • Westpoint was able to complete the financing on her current home quickly, so that Mrs. Black had the funds for the deposit on the new home
  • The Westpoint mortgage completed the funding in 2.5 days from the time she submitted the application to the time funds were in her account
  • Her offer was accepted and she was able to purchase the new home
  • The Westpoint Capital mortgage was repaid once her home sold a couple months later


  • Mrs. Black was able to obtain funds from the equity in her home quickly enough to take advantage of the opportunity to place an offer on a home listed at a great price, while it was still available
  • When a home is already listed for sale and meets the loan criteria, Westpoint Capital is able to process financing requests rapidly in order to meet the timing needs of the borrower


Example #2


The Dilemma

Mr. Brown had wanted to have a home custom built and needed to provide a deposit to the builder to get started. He did not have enough cash on hand to pay the deposit without first selling his current home.

Although it was already listed for sale, Mr. Brown did not want to close on a sale of his current home until closer to the possession date of his new home to avoid moving twice
Mr. Brown knew he needed to borrow the funds for the deposit.

He had a first mortgage on his current home with his bank but the bank was not willing to lend Mr. Brown any additional funds for the deposit as he had now retired from working full time.

Westpoint Solution

  • Westpoint Capital was able to verify sufficient equity in his current home and approved him for financing
  • Mr. Brown used the funds for the deposit with the builder and the construction commenced
  • Mr. Brown accepted an offer on his existing home, with a possession date shortly after the move-in date of his new home
  • Once the sale on his existing come was completed, part of the proceeds were used to repay the Westpoint Capital mortgage in full


  • Mr. Brown was able to provide the deposit to the builder by obtaining financing on his home from Westpoint, behind the bank mortgage, so that he didn’t have to sell his home early and move twice
  • Westpoint Capital can provide financing on property behind bank mortgages if there is sufficient equity in the property, even if the borrower is no longer working or cannot prove a regular income source


Example #3


The Dilemma

Miss Blue had been ill, missing several months from work, and therefore credit card payments were behind. She did not have the funds to catch up on the payments she had missed and she realized that the only way to stabilize her financial situation and preserve her credit history was to sell her home and rent for a while.

She listed her property for sale, planning to repay her overdue debt from the proceeds of the sale of her home but knew it may take a few months for someone to purchase the property. The credit card company had given her only 1 more week to catch up her missed payments otherwise they were sending her account to a collection agency (which would lower her credit score further).

She had equity in her home but the bank was unwilling to lend to her due to her recent credit issues.

Westpoint’s Solution

  • Westpoint Capital confirmed the equity in her home and the listing for sale, approving her application for financing
  • Westpoint created an interest reserve for the monthly payments of her new financing for up to 6 months to allow time for someone to purchase the home, without creating another monthly payment that Miss Blue would need to deal with
  • From the Westpoint mortgage, the funds were paid to her credit card company within a few days and her credit rating was preserved
  • Miss Blue’s home sold 63 days later and the Westpoint Capital mortgage was repaid in full


  • Miss Blue was able to use the funds from the Westpoint loan to keep her credit rating from deteriorating further by repaying the credit cards quickly, while she waited for her home to sell
  • Westpoint Capital can provide quick financing when there is sufficient equity in the property, even in circumstances where the credit history is an issue


  • No payments for 3 months
  • No early payout penalties
  • Bruised credit ok
  • No income verification


Use the money for

  • A deposit on your new home
  • New furniture
  • Closing condition expenses
  • Debt repayment
  • Unexpected purchases
  • Minor Renovations


Available in

  • Edmonton and Area, AB
  • Calgary and Area, AB